Retail legend Trevor Rickett reflects on Lisbon design & architecture

A trip to Lisbon allows Trevor Pickett to reflect on how differing countries interpret architectural design

Mayfair gentleman Trevor Pickett is a retail legend. From his glorious shops in Burlington Gardens and Sloane Street & Sloane Terrace he sells only the finest, most beautiful leather goods.

In the latest issue of Riddle Ricketts reflects on his brief visit to Lisbon where he stayed Rua de Alecrirm in the heart of Bairro Alto surrounded architecture, classic design and speciality shops.

Inspiring reading for lifestyle travellers


Trevor Picket.jpg


Getting Under the Skin of a City

Riddle Magazine LOGOLisbon still has a plethora of small independent shops that specialise in a singular product such as hats, gloves or cheese.

My hosts very proudly served me coffee from the local shop called a Carioca. The coffee had a delicious aroma and an exquisite blend that is certainly particular, absolutely no need for sugar or milk! I am only slightly annoyed I did not visit it or had one such shop around the corner of my flat as it is a true treasure, and I fear it could be another victim that may be swallowed up by the chains.

We are lucky that at home, although many have been lost in Soho, there are the survivors – not just created in a design studio with faux authenticity rolled out to in airports, railway stations and shopping malls.

Read Trevor Pickett’s reflections on Riddle Magazine #34

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