One more story about the best real estate markets right now: Lisbon

And one more real estate story in Financial Times.

You know it al ready. The Lisbon Real Estate market is still very attractive for developers and private investors who wants to combine a pleasant life with savings/investments.

But Bairro Alto, Chiado, Alfarma and the other parts of town, that all business papers mention, are becoming mature fruits – other parts of town are attracting investors with lesser money, who like the vibe and energy in the parts of Lisbon that surround down town.


Senhora Do Monte

Down Town Lisbon just outside our door in Graca. Last week a German lady entered our door: Is this house for sale? No we said – even though she was willing to pay double the price we have invested – a price that is considerably lower than the prices you pay in Alfarma, Bairro Alto, Principe Real and similar locations. And we think Graca is much more interesting 🙂


Lisbon’s ‘golden visa’ age: Residency scheme boosts homes market

financial-times-logo1 Costa is now Portugal’s prime minister and his socialist government is welcoming foreigners to the country’s property market. The “golden visa” programme, introduced in 2012, has meant that as Lisbon has become more attractive to developers, it has also become more appealing to buyers from abroad.

The scheme grants residency to anyone who spends at least €500,000 on property. Once granted, recipients must spend at least a week in the country for the first year and a total of two weeks every two years thereafter — a small sacrifice for unencumbered travel throughout much of Europe.

Lisbon’s ‘golden visa’ age: residency scheme boosts homes market by Hugo Cox, Financial Times 21 June 2017


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