The best Portuguese food story you will read to day is about bread!

Gleba is trying to make the best bread out of Portuguese products

Bread is a very important part of the Portuguese culture. If you go to a restaurant in Portugal, you will notice that it is the first thing to be put on the table. Specially if you are in the interior of the country, it is unthinkable to start a meal without a piece of bread to go along 🙂

However, in the last few years the bread industry suffered a huge massification with big franchisings that use low quality products, dragging down many of the small, family owned bakeries.

Hopefully, this situation is slowly starting to turn around. Today, we read the great story of the 21-year-old Diogo Amorim, a guy who decided to open his own bakery in Alcântara.

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Bread means a lot to us – so we make our own. And our guests love waking up to the smell from home baked morning bread 🙂


culinary-backstreets-logo-500x143“I always had a special interest in sourdough, and I thought there was an opportunity in Lisbon,” he says.

Many forgotten recipes and varieties could be better received nowadays, he thinks – especially in a city with a booming market in healthy and artisanal eating.

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Gleba’s bread is made by using sourdough.

At Gleba, Diogo doesn’t use any industrially produced yeast, the bread is made exclusively using sourdough.

One of his major goals is also to use old and traditional types of cereal which are barely produced anymore. Therefore, he has been travelling through many Portuguese small villages, looking for farmers who haven’t given up on the cereals for which the big companies have no interest.

Diogo wants to experiment lots of varieties and make better bread everyday. Always different from the uniformed products that fill the market.

We are very happy to see young people with initiative giving life to their ideas, here, in Lisbon.

But mostly, we are very happy to know where the good bread is 🙂


Resultado de imagem para gleba alcantaraGLEBA

Rua Prior Crato, nº 14, 16 e 18

1350-352 Estrela, Lisboa


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