10 fantastic ways to explore Portugal. Why not do it from Lisbon?

In our opinion Lisbon is one of the best travel destinations in Europe.

telegraph_OUTLINE-smallThe Algarve is an all year destination weather-wise, apart from a couple of rainy weeks at some point between October and April.

The North is less certain, with a generally wetter climate but reliably hot summers.

Whilst centrally placed Lisbon guarantees warm temperature year round, with its particular brand of white light which dances over the red roofs under an inevitably blue sky.



Sun, swim & salt in Algarve 3 hours drive from Lisbon


The highest average temperature and lowest rain fall in Portugal are perfect conditions to explore all the things Lisbon offers: From ancient culture, contemporary art and city shopping to all leisure activities one can dream of within 30 minutes reach.  

Compared to a lot of other European City Lisbon is small. After your 2nd or 3rd visit you feel you know place. But don’t be afraid of coming back. Lisbon ha s a lot more to offer.

With its location in the center of Portugal Lisbon is the perfect base to explore the country’s versatile range of nature, culture and gastronomy. Rent a car (or take a train) include 2 nights (or more) in your travel itinerary and change your City Break to an adventure holiday for the whole family: In less than 3 hrs you reach Algarve in the south or Porto in the North. And drive one more hr – then you will reach Vigo or Seville Northern or Southern Spain.

If you want to get and idea about how diverse your possibilities are have a look at the 10 Amazing Ways to Explore Portugal from The Daily telegraph earlier this year.


Côa Valley.jpg

Follow the Dinosaurs 2 hrs from Lisbon


Walk to the End of Europe (And Nine Other Amazing Ways to See Portugal)

  1. Portuguese palaces and art in Lisbon and Sintra
  2. Birdwatching in the South
  3. Family adventure in the Algarve
  4. Cruising through the Douro Valley
  5. Ride the Atlantic way
  6. The Duke of Wellington and Iberian history
  7. From coast to coast by way of rural Portugal
  8. Paleolithic rock art
  9. The heart of Portugal
  10. Walk to the end of Europe



Alantejo’s coast line 2 hrs drive from Lisbon

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