This year’s best guide to the Lisbon food scene in Eater Magazine.

This is the best Lisbon food guide we have seen

There are two categories of food guides: Guides to the local restaurant scene or guides to the local food culture.

The first ones are either sponsored stories or stories covering the same 10 most talked-about-eateries.

Eater magazine’s guide belongs to the latter category, answering all the most common questions you end up having after your first research: Classic dishes to try — and where to find them, Why you must have lunch in a tasca, Decoding twelve iconic Portuguese sweets and Dining experiences you can only have in Lisbon are only a few of the  food topics 

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17 Highly Opinionated Tips on How to Tackle Lisbon

Walking shoes, chocolate sorbet, and more…

Eater Magazine Logo.png Lisbon eats well and looks good doing it. The city is a wonderland of narrow cobblestone streets, opulent tiled buildings, vintage yellow trams, and stunning views at every (hilly) turn. Ornate kiosks provision local parks with drinks and snacks, neighborhood pastelarias serve classic sweets made by hand, rustic tascas sling classic Portuguese dishes, and the city’s diverse immigrant communities cook cuisines from Goa to Cape Verde to Brazil. The tourism boom means crowded streets and tourist traps — but as Lisbon thrives, so does its cutting-edge dining culture, which for now blends harmoniously with the city’s old-school traditions.

This is not a city to visit with an epic checklist, to eat across at a breakneck speed all while Instagramming furiously. This is a city to wander for hours before sipping a beer in the park. It’s the place to indulge a sweet tooth and dig into grilled meats paired with good, affordable wine. Take your time in Lisbon — and yes, always order another egg tart.

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