Forbes: Lisbon the 4th best startup city in the world today.

Lisbon top 5 on the list of best start-up cities in the world

Fantastic achievement of Lisbon to top the list of best start-up cities in the world – but hardly as big a surprise as it is to find 2 British cities topping the list despite the worries over Brexit and the continuing fallout from the general election campaigns as David Prosser highlights in Forbes today.


Some of Lisbon’s many start-up initiatives



Which Global Cities Offer The Best Prospects For Start-Ups? The Answers May Surprise You

Forbes-Magazine-Logo-FontWith Lisbon in Portugal and Stockholm in Sweden completing the top five, not a single US city made it to the very top of the rankings, through San Diego and Los Angeles did make it into the top 10.

See the list in Forbes

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