The Telegraph’s guide to MAAT in Lisbon.

Interested in art and architecture? Here is a  guide to the best museum in Lisbon

MAAT keep’s getting coverage in the international media. This time it’s The Telegraph who had a talk with the museum’s director.

Tings Lisbon is not a boutique hotel - just a nice place to stay

MAAT in Belem has become a popular sunset spot for tourists and locals. We love the place.


telegraph_OUTLINE-smallThe newest addition to Lisbon’s waterfront, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) promises an “exploration of contemporary culture” through a melange of visual arts, new media, architecture, technology, and science.

The Telegraph’s Pedro Gadhano about

How should first-time visitors should structure their visit?
The best times to visit?
His favourite work?
The museums most interesting history?
MAAT’s greatest weakness and uniqueness?

Read all Pedro Gadhano’s anwsers here


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