Tings Ting is the best of Lisbon, Myanmar & Kathmandu

Tings Ting is the name of our shop with our own designs & creations

Tings is a lot more than a hotel and eating venue. It’s also a web & pop up shop for Annette’s designs & creations of the products she like herself.

Tings TingWe never planned to make a web shop. However! We did plan to make some products.

Mostly for fun and mostly something that just ‘happened’ while creating our Tings universe in Kathmandu… 

Annette on TingsTing.com


Tings Soaps

Oh they are playing with their money in the 3rd world….  you probably think.

It’s not completely wrong – or absolutely right.

Fun and pleasure are the driving forces behind it all.

But we do have a business focus.

When it comes to our products all we make/design/produce etc. are targeting the only customers we know 100 %: OURSELVES.

That’s why we never compromise on the quality and only work with the best materials by the best gold smiths, weavers, designers etc.

Since Tings Tings is only something we do for fun we don’t work with the plus 300% margin like the fashion industry does. And since we’re not filthy rich and can’t afford to pay Avenida da Liberdade prices we charge the price we can afford to pay ourselves.

So far we have been so privileged to have guests, friends and fellow travelers who like what we do and buy our products – either on our web-shop, from our seasonal pop-up shops or directly from Tings Kathmandu.

And soon from Tings Ting’s shop in Tings Lisbon our new products slowly arrive.



These 5 carpets are for some of our rooms – it’s a dream to walk on them barefooted 🙂

Most of Annette’s products are inspired from her life in Nepal and Myanmar.

Now the impact of our life in Lisbon’s shows in her new products. The soaps for our hotel rooms are on the way to Lisbon – with them a commercial collection we will sell from the mini Tings Ting shop at Tings Lisbon i Rua da Senhora do Monte.

On the way to the shop is a series of carpets made from the finest silk you can get & made by the best and most skilled weavers in Nepal

Guess what has inspired Annette 🙂

See some of our products on TingsTing

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