GQ: Beach Lovers Skip Caribya. Get the best beaches in Portugal

Want a Cool, Beautiful, Affordable Beach Vacation? Go to Portugal

Beach - Bella Vista.jpg

The good thing about living in Lisbon is the weather. You can easily go sunbathing for a few hours in December – just find a cozy sand dune at Praia da Bela Vista

We love beaches – to us that’s where we relax. Either a few hours in the sun with a good book accompanied by the relaxing rhythm of the waves, with a cold drink in the sand after a quick after-work-swim or when we sleep in a room with sea view.  

We have stayed on beaches all over the world and have our own favorites – one of them is in Portugal only 1 hour by car from our door.

We prefer our beaches as close to ‘Bounty Land’ as possible – beaches where you are alone – no parking, no restaurants, no toilets, no people, no disco  – just yourself.  But we also love the city beaches you can reach by public transportation after a long day at work.

The beaches we like are not necessarily the same as the ones other travelers like. The good thing about Portugal is that you find all kinds of beaches within a few hours drive. And if you stay in Lisbon and still want to find a more exotic and lesser crowded beach you don’t need a car.

Cova do Vapor (9)

Sunday afternoon during high season & school holiday – no car needed to reach this hidden gem

There’s no better place to lounge on the beach after a lazy lunch of wine and fresh seafood.

GQ LogoThe next time you’re dreaming up a beach vacation, skip Mexico and skip the Caribbean, and instead hop over to Portugal to park your wine-drunk ass in the sand.

Here are some of our favorite Portuguese beaches:

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Beach - Braga

On hour by bus/train from Lisbon you find these exotic beaches. Braga Beach is good to combine with a trip to Sintra. 

Staying in Lisbon? Need more beach inspiration

We have travelled in Portugal in almost 25 years. And since we moved to Lisbon in 2014  we have blogged about our own beach experiences and shared relevant stories about beaches  from international media.

Find it all here.


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