New Lisbon Project for all of us who miss getting around on 2 wheels

Finally. Now I get a chance to ride a bike again 🙂

One of the my biggest pleasures in my life are cheese, beaches and riding my bicycle. So it’s a mystery to my that I ended up in Kathmandu in the Himalayas for 7 years where you don’t get cheese and beaches and where riding a bicycle not only is impossible due to the road condition but also dangerous because of the traffic.


Lisbon Horizontal 2

The Project Lisbon Horizontal intends to create viable physical conditions (concept inspired by the Metro lines) which promote the usage of bicycles within the city of Lisbon, from a utilitary and pragmatic point of view, targeting every person from the working class to tourists, in a city where the environmental challenge as a major future priority!


Since we moved to Lisbon I have had enough cheese and beaches to compensate for the previous many years. But bicycling has been a problem.

But ist not anymore 🙂

Looking forward to try out thius new serviceHilly Lisbon launches electric bike share system in bid to solve congestion


Madrid has its scheme, while Muswell Hill’s never happened. Hilly cities from Rome to Rio will be watching as Lisbon starts e-bike hire

The Guardian LogoLike many hilly cities around the world, Lisbon has a serious congestion problem, and its urban planners know that if more people were persuaded to cycle they could reap huge benefits in air quality, health and livability.

Enter the electric bike. In June Lisbon unleashed 100 public hire bikes – two thirds of them electric – on the streets of the leafy Parque das Nações neighbourhood. They are available to beta testers across 10 docking stations, via an app.

The wider scheme will eventually comprise 1,410 bikes: 940 electric to cope with the city’s hills, the rest conventional bikes. They will be linked by a 100-mile network of cycle routes.

Read the whole story in The Guardian here

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