Berlin based Factory creates Start-Up Hub in the best part of Lisbon

New Start Up campus will connect down town Lisbon to Expo

Back in 2014 when I went on my first research trip for Tings Lisbon I fell completely in love with the part of Lisbon from Mini Bar do Beato to Underdogs Gallery just before Expo. – the area between the railway and the Tejo River.

Two years ago I predicted this part of town to become the most happening part of Lisbon – to become what LX Factory was when it opened years ago.


A Saturday Afternoon in Marvila (Click for large pictures)


The last months I have cruised around Beato and Marvila several times to check out all the new galleries, cafes, Micro Brewery, shops and studios.

If possible I am even more impressed by the vibe now.

The settings with all the old workshops, factories stocked between the railway and the harbor, ready to distribute ideas and visions to the universe, is so inspiring and stimulating that it almost SHOUTS out to the universe: Create Something Big Here!!! 

So it was not a surprise to read about Berlin Based Factory who now intends to do something radically big in Lisbon. A gargantuan new Start Up campus in Lisbon that will be placed in Beato.

If I were interested in buying real estate I would seriously look into this part of town.




Tech Crunch LogoSince 2012 the Factory team has set up two startup campuses in Berlin, and attracted companies like Soundcloud, Twitter, HERE, 6Wunderkinder, The Family, Stripe, Uber, Zendesk, Point Nine Capital and several others operate from their spaces.

Architect Julian Breinersdorfer, who worked with Factory to design both of their previous buildings, will again work on Factory Lisbon.

Read about the ambitious project here: Startup hub builder Factory plans gargantuan new campus in Lisbon 



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