CNN: ‘Is Lisbon the New Berlin?’

CNN features our favorite creative hub in the best part of Lisbon

Saturday we blogged about the creative impact when Berlin based Factory opens its Start Up Hub in Marvila in 2018.Yesterday we shared our comments on Wallpapers prediction of Lisbon entering the list of the best art hubs in the world.

In both posts one of our favorite parts of Lisbon – Marvila – is high lighted

In my Lisbon media update this morning one of the highlighted stories looked familiar: Berlin and Art Hub it said – together with Lisbon.

This time its CNN who follows up on the previous days stories from TechCrunch and Wallpaper – and under the heading The New Berlin Marvila is Highlighted.



CNN also highlight’s MAAT in Belem – another of our favorite places in Lisbon


The new Berlin? How austerity helped Lisbon’s creatives to succeed

cnn-logo-squareIf anything, Lisbon is an unlikely new cultural hotspot. The city is still recovering from the brutal financial crisis that struck Portugal in 2010.

But austerity has also created many of the same conditions that attracted artists and creatives to Berlin in the late nineties, such as cheap rent, food and empty buildings, combined with a population that speaks good English and a strong local art scene.

Two or three years ago, all this began to draw in artists from elsewhere. Portugal’s improving economy and way of life also started to attract back Portuguese who fled the country during the recession.

Filmmaker and visual artist David Tutti Dos Reis left Lisbon for London during the crisis. He returned two years ago and now works out of a creative hub called Todos in east Lisbon.

Read Mairi Mackay’s story for CNN 7 August

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