The best beach bars in Portugal

The best way to enjoy a sun-downer is at a beach bar at the Atlantic Coast.

This is strange. Yesterday we talked about beach bars – We have Danish friends in town – friends who lives in Zagreb far from the sandy beaches they (like us) love so much. They needed the sand, sun and clear Atlantic sea before they return back to work.

So we have spent the week-end at the beach 🙂

How come you ended up in The Himalayas without the sand and the sea – they asked us. We have asked ourselves the same question again and again without having an answer. Sometimes we have been desperate to get to a beach.

Praia Bela Vista

Casa da Praia at #16 has the relaxed ambiance we like…

Before moving to Croatia our friends lived in Asia where their closest beaches were in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The same beaches we have used for almost a decade. So when it comes to beaches we have the same references…

We all agreed on how fantastic the beaches at the Atlantic coast are. The sand, the waves, the dunes and the sunsets… you don’t find it better in the world – and Portugal has some of the best.

But we miss one thing. The chilled and relaxed bars from Asia. They are very difficult to find in Europe where they are often too arranged, too organized and too pretentious (probably due to too many rules and regulations) and with music too far from our taste.

But it’s not hard to find the chilled ambiance we know from Asia. You just have to leave cross the river from Belem and go Cova de Vapor. And if you have a car – to Praia Bela Vista at Caparica (and any of the beaches from #16 – #19) or to the sandy coves hidden between the cliffs north of Peniche 1 hours drive from Graca where the surf bums from all over the world guarantee the chill.

If your plan is to travel around Portugal you have even more options. Yesterday The Guardian published a story about the best beach bars in Portugal. We know several of them – and those we know have the feel we like, so guess its the same for the ones we don’t know.



10 of the best beach bars in Portugal

The Guardian LogoWith cold beer, caipirinhas and great seafood, these bars, from the Algarve up to Porto, are as hot, bright and breezy as the stunning Atlantic coastline itself

Check out The Guardian’s suggestions here

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