Annette’s rooms are blooming :-)

Here are photos from what we feel is the best hotel in Lisbon

We don’t want to brag – but we (especially Annette) – has spend so much time the last 3 years on our Tings Lisbon project so in our small world we feel our small hotel here in Graca is the best in town – and we are very critical…

White Lounge 1

While I ‘play’ foie gras, bread, coco crepes and other items from our menu with Maria, Nunu & Flavia Annette works on all our rooms together with Meena and Sara. Here is her White Balcony

The rooms are still work in progress – but they are slowly ‘getting there’. Until we get a professional photographer we update the blog with our own mobile shots.

Hope you like what you see.


Interior design by Annette Tingstrup, Art by Chirag Bangdel, ReMixed Bed by Annette Tingstrup & Marta Carneiro

During the next week we will update all rooms with stills, video shots and goodies. If you are in Lisbon – don’t hesitate to come by and say helo. The lounge is open for drinks

Room Info: Go to Tings Lisbon/White Balcony

2 thoughts on “Annette’s rooms are blooming :-)

  1. I am looking so much forward to seeing the result – and you2, in November soon, when Volvo Ocean Race make the StopOver in Lisbon

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