Tings Lisbon is now open!!!

This is our best post in our +3 years in Lisbon!

We are open!!!

And not only are we open – these days we have full house…

First guests (1)

Our first guests have our first breakfast. And they gave us words, cake and flowers  🙂

Our first guests were Kelsey and Ju Lie

Kelsey and Ju Lie became our first guests when they checked in August 27th.

We weren’t quite ready BUT as they are friends of Kate – who is not only one of our first guests at Tings Kathmandu, she also returns to Tings Kathmandu in October for God knows what time – we took it as a good sign and dropped the cancellation of their booking.


Jannick in the bar

Last time we met was 4 years ago

The way circles spread among the travelling community is such a crucial part of our visions with Tings.

Yesterday our fellow traveller Jannick arrived from Yangon with the local Yoma Beer and a couple of Carlsberg Special brew.

Thomas checking the Burmese Yoma Beer

Testing Yoma Beer

Kalika is another regular guest at Tings Kathmandu with whom we spend two years in Yangon. Later today her sister Sara arrives…

Next week Peter Francon moves in for a week. He was part of our activist team who help us taking care of people the first hours after the Kathmandu Earthquake…

More example of our privileged life 🙂

Having guests to entertain is the best motivation we can get

Snacks Fois Gras Toma og Pesto Hummos Salmon BasilAnd since we opened up for bookings accepted Thomas’ old friend and colleague Ulrik and his wife Amalie as well.

And Jesper and Lucia – who brought friends for dinner although the kitchen wasn’t up and running yet.

Tings Lisbon - first Days (2) (1).jpg

We slept like babies in Tings Textiles after washing in Tings bio-soaps and maybe the Tings Foie Gras and a series of Tings Tonics (Earl Grey infused G&Ts) helped a bit too… 🙂

And Lars and our French neighbour Eric…. and, and…

All had a great evening with some of our ‘snacks’ from the up-coming Tings Tea Lounge menu… Maria Joao, Flavia and Nunu served foie gras, our humus trilogy (black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto humus) salmon with capers sauce and a delicious fresh basil/sun-dried tomato sauce… in settings that shone and blossomed…

Like all of us, the house loved having people around.

We hadn’t planned an opening – it just happened.

And happened well.

But the best of it all – people like our place 🙂

Here are the first reviews on Tripadvisor

Our favorite hotel in Lisbon!

Outstanding gem

The most charming Hotel in town

Travel around the world and feel like home

Fabulous oasis!


We are speechless… very soon we will post photos from our small paradise here in Graca…


Annette & Thomas

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