We get so many supporting mails from Tings Kathmandu guests :-)

More than 5,000 have booked a room at Tings Kathmandu via mail.

Since we opened Tings Kathmandu in 2011 more than 5,000 have mailed us and booked a room. Several them are loyal and returning guests.

Thanks to Google Extract we’re now mailing them all thanking them for their help and loyalty that has made it possible for us to create Tings Lisbon.

We can only mail 500 pr day – so it will take us at least 10 days before we have mailed them all. But that’s OK. It gives us time to read all the greetings many of them return.

Like this one from Christopher Parsons who used the occasion to update us on one of his fantastic projects.


Annette and Thomas…

Namaste! or should I say Olá

Hope you are both well and all of Tings especially the team who looked after me so well during my time in Kathmandu? Thanks again to you both, Dorje and all of the team including the cats in Kathmandu, you all went above and beyond to make me feel at home so far away from my actual floating home here in London

Very exciting and congratulations for the opening of Tings Lisbon

I cannot wait to come and stay with my partner Charlotte, possibly next spring we will make it over.

My work on my project since returning to the UK is coming along and closing to the stage that I can show. Plans for exhibitions coming together for the end of the year and into 2018. I have cultured the bacteria from the water, rock and sand samples I took from the mountains/glaciers in Nepal in the lab back here in the UK and photographed the resulting Petri dishes

I will keep you updated and send you some work, possibly have to come and do an exhibition in Portugal and the dream would be to go back to Kathmandu one day to exhibit where it all started

Best wishes to you both and hope to see you in 2018 in Lisbon or even Nepal

Let me know if your ever in London and have time, be great to see you both and catch up

x Chris

PS: attached a sneak preview below and you can read more about my trip on one of the sponsors pages here https://rab.equipment/uk/basecamp/periodicals/project-pressure/chris-parsons/


Working to the initial brief from Project pressure, Chris looked to create something that combined science with adventure. He would be traveling to Nepal with a team of scientists whose aim was to conduct research on the glacier itself and Chris decided to bring a little of the scientific method into his approach. A microbiologist friend had recently shown him photographs of culture plates growing E. coli bacteria – the kind of thing you see in films about zombie outbreaks or sentient monkeys. Using this as inspiration, Chris decided to sample different areas of the glacier for culture and combine the resulting culture plates with photographs of where they were taken. The Microscopic and the macroscopic; side-by-side.


One of the bonuses with our life is all our guests

We had second thoughts about mailing all our Tings Kathmandu guests. We didn’t want to spam them. But at the same time we felt that we had to inform them about our beings and doings.

So far we haven’t had one single complain. On the contrary!

Mails like the one from Chris give us new possibilities of developing our relations. So don’t be surprised if you get an invitation for an exhibition with his works 🙂


Annette & Thomas


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