“The Best hotel in Lisbon” guests say.

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A word from a business traveler: Probably the best hotel in Lisbon

It’s impossible to get a room in Lisbon – the rooms you can get are expensive and so bad…

Tings Lisbon is so cheap and fantastic

Can I stay for two more nights?


I was a bit surprised to see the Portuguese woman entering our door yesterday with all her bags.

A few days earlier she arrived from Amsterdam where she lives. She asked for a cheap room for 2 nights

65 €!!! she busted out when I told her the price.

But it’s cheap I told her… obviously she hasn’t been staying in Hotels in Lisbon for years.

We only do this in the introduction month, we need guests and since you can only book rooms directly by mail or phone we keep the prices low, I explained.

After 2 nights she checked out to look for cheaper options. 4 hours later she returned after a very depressing search. All hotel are full…

You have a wonderful place – and so cheap.

That was the best comment we have had for a very long time – and after 3 years of hard work – a comment we needed.

TripAdvisor Tings Lisbon

The reviews are overwhelming – check them out here.

This morning I checked out our reviews on TripAdvisor… they give us new energy!

Have a blast of a day – and tell the world that it’s NOT impossible to find good rooms in Lisbon


Aren’t they amazing?

  • The atmosphere at Tings is like staying with old friends…
  • Unfortunately I spent one night only in Tings. I will propose to marry the chef!…
  • Tings Lisbon is very stylish. The care and approach that the owners put into it make it feel more like a home rather than a hotel, in that rooms are individually decorated with their own flair and the garden spaces are gorgeously arranged.
  • Every room is unique, the area peaceful, and while you enjoy the view, your taste buds jumps with joy, ’cause the breakfast is GREAT
  • Standards of this place is top-notch and the location fantastic. Prices more than reasonable, compared to quality…
  • We stayed at Tings during an extended weekend. Lisbon is outstanding – Tings Lisbon in particular as it sits in the heart of the old part of Lisbon, small local shops, crafts, arts and restaurants and bars are literally surrounded this excellent hotel.
  • The food is modern and very appetizing –  even the bread during breakfast is handmade and freshly baked and comes along with organic marmalade and a variation of fruits and smoothies.
  • Best location, best staff, best interior and the best garden.
  • The owners are great hosts, made us feel very comfortable – such a power-couple.
  • you will be staying in class and style with your global family of perpetual travellers, bon vivants and other thrill or chill seekers.
  • Tings is outstanding. It offers an atmosphere second to none, the interior is trendy without being pretentious and the staff are very competent and helpful…
  • This new hotel is just the most charming place to stay in town. Small, comfortable and with absolutely exquisite interior. Just next door to splendid mirador Senhora do Monte
  • This all new trendy family hotel is a true tourism coup: excellent ambiance, quiet and comfortable rooms, fabulous breakfast and service…
  • all my breakfast wishes were fulfilled. Soft bread, delicious marmalade, good cheese, amazing fruit smoothies with cereals, different egg dishes and past but not least good coffee.

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