Lisbon’s Roman Underground Galleries is now open for 4 days only

A unique chance to see the Roman Underground Galleries – the rarest sights in Lisbon

Three days only – that’s the time you have From Friday 22 September to Sunday 24 September travelers visiting people have a chance to visit a true Gem. The > 2000 years old Roman Galleries.


We heard about the Roman Galleries by coincidence.

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That was also on a blog we heard about the beautiful Roman Underground Galleries.


BackPack MeWhen the reconstruction of central Lisbon started after the earthquake, builders came across a series of corridors underground. As these had such distinct Roman aesthetics, the people of Lisbon were quick to think that these were Roman baths, just like those already known in another part of the city.

But things didn’t really add up! Baths require square structures to contain the water at different temperatures, and these were nothing but corridors, all interconnected.

Later research showed that these were not structures for leisure, but instead they were what are known as cryptoporticus.

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Roman Galleries in Lisbon


Tickets, visiting hours and location

The entrance to the galleries is at Rua da Conceição / Rua dos Correeiros in Baixa only 10 minutes walk from Tings Lisbon.

Tickets must be bought in advance.

The guided tour lasts 20-30 minutes.

Get information here

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