Tings Lisbon has the best internet in town

Television is so passee

More and more travelers use services like HBO or Netflix if they want to watch a movie. And if they need the News they either have access to their own National Broadcaster or user Google News or any of the other news updates on various social networks.

So a fast and reliable internet connection is more important than the TV package you find in most hotels. Especially in Portugal where most of the channels are Portuguese.

Speed Test

Compared with the slow wi-fi we have had the last 3 years our optical fiber is a huge relief

We have the fastest internet available in Lisbon

While we were constructing the house PTT were digging down their optical fiber cables in Rua da Senhora do Monte.

At one stage we we’re digging holes next to each other – so what’s more obvious to ask PTT to connect a cable to our house 🙂

Still it has taken us more than 3 months (and a lot of fights) to get MEO to our internet working.

That’s history.

A week ago we finally got our optical fiber connection up and running 🙂


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