Things you don’t know about Lisbon’s Rooftops

With 300 sunny days pr year – roof tops are the perfect city life settings

Most travelers are familiar with Lisbon’s 7 hill tops. And venues like Park, Topo or even Bar Clube Ferroviário are becoming travelers pics.

But not many know about Lisbon’s other category of ‘tops’ – all its amazing roof tops that has turned itself into something special.

Here in Lisbon we have rooftops you wont find in other European cities. Rooftops with: Out door movies, yoga sessions, city beaches or running tracks to mention the ones The Citizen highlights in its Lisbon feature they just published.


From yoga to movies: Lisbon embraces rooftop living

Topo Chiado Lisbon

The Citizen Logo.jpgLisbon’s climate is especially well-suited for rooftop activities. The city on Portugal’s western coast is one of Europe’s sunniest capitals, with 290 days of sunshine a year.

“It’s the perfect place for doing activities on rooftops because of the weather,” said Phil Llic, who since June has been showing movies every Thursday night on the rooftop of the Topo Chiado restaurant-bar.

The venue, which opened in 2016 on the back of the ruins of a convent, affords views of the elaborate, turn of the century Santa Justa Lift and the medieval Sao Jorge Castle, two historic Lisbon landmarks.

This feature will definitely make you longing for a trip to Lisbon – read it here.

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