Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé philosophies about why the world go to Lisbon

Something to think about if you work with communication and marketing

Isn’t it funny how some countries throw a ton of money at CNN to market themselves but never get the cut through, as one of Tyler Brûlé’s colleagues said during a meeting in Asia.

And then there’s Portugal and I don’t think I’ve seen one ad promoting the place the colleague continued.


Tyler Brûlé’s philosophized about this in his column in yesterday’s Financial Times.

I deliberately didn’t share it. Friday’s are too busy. Saturday is the day off and and a much better day to be philosophical. Like I have done all morning 🙂

Have a good day.


Tings Lisbon is not a boutique hotel - just a nice place to stay

MAAT by AL_L is the perfect place to be philosophical 🙂


Financial Times LOGOWhat’s going on in Lisbon? asked the Thai gentleman.

We were sitting in his boardroom high above Bangkok, a thunderstorm was cracking and blustering beyond the plate-glass and other colleagues were settling in.

A chic young woman chimed in.

Yes, Lisbon, we need to go, she said to everyone and no one in particular.

The gentleman’s gaze swung back to me, he raised his eyebrows and smiled.

You’d like to know what’s going on in Lisbon? I asked.

In what way?

Read Editor-in-chief of Monocle magazine Tyler Brûlé column in Financial Times Yesterday.

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