Yesterday Lisbon got a new stunning view point!

Pilar 7 Bridge Experience 3.jpg

From the construction of the Pilar 7 Experience

All the way from China to Tings Lisbon in Graca


Every morning we get hundreds of updates about art, food, culture, tourism, start-up and a lot of other things that interests from twitter, google, wordpress, blogs, websites, medias and God knows where.

This morning the news about Lisbon’s new stunning viewpoint that opened yesterday reached us all the way from Xinhua in China – Can you believe that?



Xinhua Logo.jpgA new viewing platform stationed on Lisbon’s iconic April 25 suspension bridge opened to the public on Wednesday, according to the Tourism Association of Lisbon.

The “Pilar 7 Experience” takes visitors 72 meters up in a glass elevator attached to one of the bridge’s main stanchions to view the city.

The new project was made possible by a 5.3-million-euro (6.2 million U.S. dollars) investment that was partly financed by Lisbon’s tourism tax, a scheme whereby guests pay one euro per overnight stay in the city.

Get the story here.


Info on Visit Lisboa

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