New art space and hotel in Lisbon

Art means so much to us that we have created a space for it: Tings

When we decided to leave Copenhagen to start-up Tings, we wanted to create a place we liked and without things we’ve always found stupid in the countless of places we have stayed in on our travels around the world. Like the common space around the check in area/reception that most hotels leaves empty. We wanted to use is!

Annette decided to use that space for one of her dreams: A Tea Lounge for local guests as well as the travelers staying with us.

And since we had the space, what was more obvious than filling it up with art and culture. So we invited creative souls from around the world to come by and use it.

Since then Tings Tea Lounge has worked as a platform for the more than 50 art & culture projects that we have either created ourselves or been involved in, in various ways: Script writing workshops, poetry readings, movie screenings, music events, fashion workshops, food events, Film Festivals and art exhibitions.



On Sunday we open Créons at Tings.

Belgian Street Artist Créons will be the first artist in our newly renovated house and art space.

Not only has he created 20 drawings and paintings for the walls in the Lounge. He has also made a wall in our beautiful garden.

Come by and have look.

Annette & Thomas


CREONS Invitation

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