Best Vegan restaurants in Lisbon

The Lisbon vegan scene hasn’t reached its full potential yet. But it’s getting there.

Lisbon’s vegan food scene wasn’t exactly what Vegans with Appetite excepted when they visited Lisbon. But as the conclude after listing their 6 best recommendation: It’s getting there. 

We agree – in the 3 years we have lived in Lisbon the veggie scene has improved considerably. And if you add the Asian options around Intendente 5 minutes from our hotel it’s actually quite good.

We are not vegans or vegetarians for that matter. But we just love the vegetables. So without really thinking about it our menu in Kathmandu slowly turned vegetarian. Our menu in Lisbon still has a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. But we’re slowly adding some of the things we haven’t had access to in the Himalayas.


A few of our vegan items from our menu

The 6 Best Places for Vegan Food in Lisbon

Vegans With Appetite LogoPortugal has been on everyone’s mind lately and we recently wrote about our experience living as digital nomads in Lisbon for two months. During those two months, our main focus was to hunt down the best vegan food in Lisbon. We ended up eating at as many restaurants as we possible could and even found one of the best vegan cakes we’ve ever eaten.

What we came to realize is that even though the Portuguese are known for their meaty cuisine and custard tarts, Lisbon boasts plenty of options for the vegan traveler. We tried many restaurants, but these were the spots that really blew us away.

The 6 best vegan places in Lisbon according to Vegans With Appetite

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing our post! Can’t wait to visit your restaurant next time we’re in Lisbon!

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