Now Eater knows. Tings is in Lisbon’s most interesting dining hood

Our favorite food hood 5 min walk from Tings is the best in Lisbon

Location is one of the most important elements in our Tings concept. We want to be in walking distance from Down Town and at the same in a neighborhood with its own local offers.

And that’s exactly what Graça is. Not only do we have Alfarma, The Flee Market, Baixa, Chiado and Tejo River within maximum 15 minutes walk from our door.

We also have the most interesting Restaurants only 5 minutes from our door: Largo Intendente.

Since our first visit almost 25 years ago this old Red Light District has grown slowly but surely to become one of the most interesting parts of town for foodies.

We knew that when we bought our house in Sebhora do Monte. So to us it has been a big mystery why none of the popular guide-book haven’t highlighted this part of town.

But this is changing now.

For the first time Intendente and surroundings gets the recognition it deserves: The Most interesting Dining Neighbourhoodnin Lisbon 


Largo Intendente 1999.JPG

EATER: Cooking enthusiasts shouldn’t miss A Vida Portuguesa, located in the former warehouse of the famous tile factory Viúva Lamego (which produces much of the city’s most beautiful tile work, including the seafood mural in Ramiro). Opened in 2013 by Catarina Portas, a journalist who was one of the first to invest in the neighborhood’s revitalization, the shop’s two stories are packed with brilliant local goods, from textiles to soaps to canned fish and olive oil.



Intendente Is Lisbon’s Most Interesting Dining Neighborhood

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Lisboetas are now nostalgic for a time when Ramiro wasn’t a perpetually packed destination.

Fortunately, it offers merely a preview of Intendente’s charms, which have grown enormously as the small, central neighborhood dotted with art nouveau and art deco buildings has been radically transformed over the last few years into one of the city’s most multicultural districts.

From Eater’s super foodie guide to the Intendente neighbourhood – check out all their recommendations.  

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