Casablanca 75 years later

My first encounter with Lisbon

First Time I heard about Lisbon must have been in the late sixties. It was in one of my favorite movies, Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

Back then I had absolutely no clue about what kind of city Lisbon was, in what country it was, the beauty of the city or its history. I only knew that it was the final European destination for all the French refugees escaping to America.

26 November it will be 75 years ago this classic movie opened in New York City.

The reason why I post the anniversary story is that there may be traveler’s out there who need inspiration for alternative ways of exploring Lisbon.

So if you enjoy this story, and if you are in town on 26 November – why not use the occasion to join the Guided Spy Tour I blogged about a year ago




In case you don’t remember the story in Casablanca

Casablanca Bogart and Bergman.jpgCasablanca opens with a narration describing the plight of French refugees during World War II. Once the Germans invaded France, most French citizens and resident foreigners tried to flee to America through Lisbon.

The quickest route was to go directly to Lisbon, but once that route was blocked by the Nazis, the only escape route left was through North Africa, specifically Casablanca. Because of the high cost of travelling, however, many refugees were trapped in Casablanca, desperately trying to find a way to Lisbon, and then from Lisbon, to America.

From The Movie Spoiler


75 Years Later, A Look At The ‘Life, Legend, and Afterlife’ Of ‘Casablanca’ – from Fresh Air

You must remember this… the plane to Lisbon from Casablanca is one of many WW2 references on The City of Spies walking tour that tops The Guardian’s readers Best of Lisbon list.


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