Bacco Artolini blogs about our collaboration back in 2015/16

Our current exhibition – Créons at Tings – is not our first

To be 100% honest – we were a bit nervous before our opening Friday of Créons stunning drawings and paintings. All the problems we have had making the Tings ready to open (not to mention all the bookings we had to cancel) were signs we couldn’t interpret. Add to that new guests and a new local crowd: How would they receive our event?

Closing the doors late that evening after a very succesful opening – artistically as well as commercially – was a huge relief.

The following morning we got a message from Bacco Artolini, our Italian friend and artist, whose project Creation & Compulsion was our first art event in Lisbon. And a very  successful one as well.

I couldn’t help smiling when I thought about how we met – how we just handed over the keys to our new/old house before returning to Kathmandu for our exhibition of Brass Frogs.

Why don’t you blog about our collaboration? I asked him.

Yesterday he mailed me his contribution 🙂



La collaborazione con Thomas ed Annette è nata in modo naturale

Bacco in Action (6)

Bacco in Action in our old and cold house

Oltre alla stima reciproca,  a loro piaceva la mia arte ed a me affascinava il loro edificio ( che sarebbe diventato, l’anno seguente la TingsLisbon.

A novembre del 2015 incontrandoci, abbiamo deciso di organizzare un’esposizione d’arte creata in loco, per il febbraio dell’anno dopo.

L’esibizione “Creazione e Compulsione” ha avuto un buonissimo esito, non solo per la qualità dei lavori proposti ma anche per il clima confortevole ed artistico che Thomas ed Annette hanno saputo instaurare, tra gli ospiti che hanno visitato la mostra e gli altri artisti che frequentavano lo spazio durante il periodo di produzione.

Anche il fermento creativo di Lisbona e soprattutto della zona di Graça ha favorito, oltre che la mia ispirazione, una buona fluenza di visitatori, permettendo la vendita di metà delle opere esposte


(English version translated by Annette)

The collaboration with Thomas and Annette was born naturally:
Besides the mutual respect, they liked my art and I liked their building – which a year later was turned into Tings Lisbon.

When we met in November 2015 we decided to make an exhibition – created and curated on location – for the following February.

The exhibition ’Creation and Compulsion’ was very successful,

Not only in terms of the quality of the exhibited works, but also due to the comfortable and artistic atmosphere that Thomas and Annette had created, through the guests who visited the exhibition, as well as the other artists that frequented the place during the period of creation.

The creative ferment of Lisbon, and specially the Graça area, has favoured, not only my inspiration, but also a good flow of visitors, which made it possible to sell half of the exhibited works.

Bacco Artollini

Meet our guest blogger Bacco Artolini

Check out our exhibition Créons at Tings.

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