Going to the Websummit: Here are Lisbon’s hottest start-ups

Lisbon has used the global economic crisis to kickstart its startup scene

Lisbon Start-Sup

Credit: Pip Pell

Wired MagazineBoosted by the arrival of the annual Web Summit conference (previously held in Dublin), Lisbon’s startup community is thriving – with healthy support from the Portuguese government.

In June 2016, it created a national network of tech hubs and the StartUP Voucher initiative that gives more than 400 entrepreneurs a one-year fellowship to pursue their ventures.

“The economic crisis served as a catalyst to entrepreneurship,” says Pedro Costa, venture partner at Faber Ventures. “The scarcity of capital made projects more resilient.”

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Web Summit facts

  • Attendees: 60,000
  • Speakers: 1,000+
  • Senior Management:68%
  • Journalists: 2,200+
  • Countries:160+
  • 1 Country 🙂

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