On Friday: An evening with Jens Lysdal

On Friday Jens Lysdal visits Tings for an evening with music, talk and art

Time is a story about the connections between oil, war and climate change.

We fell completely in love with this track the first time we heard it.



Time – a music animation video about climate change.

The connections between oil-/weapon-industry, politics and climate change are not among the lightest topics – but it’s an important one.

We need to understand these life-threatening issues with both our brains, hearts and souls, because our future depends on our imminent and determined reaction to them.

That’s why I have teamed up with two talented visual artists Portuguese illustrator Sonia Nisa and Danish/Brazilian animator Peter Lopes, letting the possibilities of animation do some of the storytelling and to add more dimensions.

Jens Lysdal

On Friday Jens Lysdal Plays solo at Tings Lisbon.

It will be an evening about music and talk about environment, climate and life. Sonia Nisa can’t join – but her graphics will be on the wall.

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