Sonia Nisa will exhibit her work at Tings Lisbon

Meet Sonia Nisa, the illustrator who worked with Jens Lysdal on Time

Before Jens Lysdal’s Time Project I didn’t know Sonia Nisa and her art. But when I saw the art, liked it a lot – and found out that Sonia is Portuguese, I contacted her and asked her why she didn’t show some of her works in connection with Jens Lysdal’s concert.

Sonia liked the idea and agreed on a small exhibition with graphics from the Time Project. So from Friday and the following weeks her visuals will decorate our walls in the lounge.

Sonia Nisa wont be present on Friday – but I asked her about how she got involved in Jens Lysdal’s project, and about the works she will show at Tings Lisbon. Read her reply below.

We’re looking forward to having her works on our walls 🙂





16508179_1390623457614521_3879337205733315655_nIn fall 2016 I was invited by the Danish singer, musician and composer Jens Lysdal to team up with him and the Brazilian/Danish animator Peter Lopes in order to CREATE a video for an animated music video about climate change and the connections to politics and the oil- and weapon-industry.

Most people are tired and fed up with hearing about the dangers of climate change – which is dangerous, because it is threatening our civilization.

So the idea was to make people reflect over the issue through a more poetic language – hoping to touch them on a more heart- and-soul-level.

The video was published in June 2017.

At the exhibition I have chosen to show a story-line based on my subjectivity as the illustrator, combining drawings from the video, eliminated sketches and sketches from my sketchbook that illustrate my approach to the concrete nature or an imaginary nature also presented on the video.



About Sonia Nisa

Sonia Nisa lives and work in London:

1999 – Graduate in Fine Arts| Sculpture| University of Lisbon| Portugal

2004 – Animation Volumes Course| Stop-Motion | Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation| Lisbon | Portugal

2012 – Image Capture | Sound Editing and Video | CENJOR Protocol Training of Journalist Center| Lisbon | Portugal

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