Doclisboa ’17 opens today

One of the best film festivals in Lisbon opens today

Actually Doclisboa ’17 opened yesterday. We just didn’t know that until one of our guests told us. He is a journalist who is attending the whole festival and went to yesterday’s pre-opening

This Friday has been ‘our’ official opening because of one film Grace Jones – Bloodlight and Bami that opens the festival’s Heart Beat Section

Heart5 Beat Doc Lisboa Grace HJones

The Heart Beat section opens with a greater-than-life diva, Grace Jones. A wild disco and new wave night, dedicated to the slaves to the rhythm.


DocLisboa 17.jpgThe Heart Beat section opens with Grace Jones, disco and new wave diva. “Grace Jones – Bloodlight and Bami” is Sophie Fiennes’ latest work and will be premiered at Doclisboa’17, next October 20th, at Cinema São Jorge.

Sophie Fiennes was previously at Doclisboa, in 2014, with the film “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology”.

From Doclisboa ’17


Check out Doclisboa’s program here

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