Going to Lisbon for the Web Summit? Here is Margrethe Vestager on Ted Talk

Margrethe Vestager is the most interesting speakers at Web Summit in Lisbon

In case you don’t know.

Margrethe Vestager is the woman who hit Google, Apple and Starbucks with Billion Dollar fines.  The European competition commissioner will most probably talk about her fight for fairness against powerful corporate interests. The reason why Vestager tops our list of speakers at the upcoming Web Summit.

A few days ago Ted Talk published Vestager’s talk about: The New Age Of Corporate Monopolies.

The new age of corporate monopolies

Ted Talk Logo TransparabbntMargrethe Vestager wants to keep European markets competitive — which is why, on behalf of the EU, she’s fined Google $2.8 billion for breaching antitrust rules, asked Apple for $15.3 billion in back taxes and investigated a range of companies, from Gazprom to Fiat, for anti-competitive practices. In an important talk about the state of the global business, she explains why markets need clear rules — and how even the most innovative companies can become a problem when they become too dominant.

“Real and fair competition has a vital role to play in building the trust we need to get the best of our societies,” Vestager says.

“And that starts with enforcing our rules.”

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