Weekend in Lisbon? Don’t go to Sintra!!??

Elevador de Santa Justa,

Visiting The Santa Justa Lift is one of the things you shouldn’t do on a weekend visit to Lisbon according to the Dutch Blog: Saudades de Portugal

It’s very easy to find tips about what to do when you visit Lisbon.

But when it comes to things you shouldn’t do things are different.

This morning a friend send me the link to a story on the Dutch blog: Saudades de Portugal. 

Don’t overnight outside the city center, don’t go to Sintra, don’t eat chest nuts and don’t take the Santa Justa lift are some of the more surprising headline’s that caught my attention.

But as strange as they look – the more obvious the advises are once you read the whole story. Even the advise about not goiug to one of our favorites: Sintra make sense.

Have a look on Saudades de Portugal

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