Web Summit & Lisbon? All you need to know is here!

With this post you don’t need to buy a guide-book to Lisbon


The best way to stay fit in Lisbon is just outside your hotel – open the door and run. If you stay with us you get an extra bonus – the free exercise climbing the hills 🙂


Yesterday we blogged about how to get the best out of your Web Summit ticket – 9 very useful advises about what to and prepare before you arrive.

This morning another good and useful guide-to Web Summit clicked in on my Medium. It’s basically all the links, addresses and facts about Lisbon you need in the following categories. So forget about buying a guidebook 🙂

  • WS17 Quick Links
  • Before The Conference
  • During The Conference
  • After The Conference
  • Quick Tips for Visiting Lisbon
  • Neighbourhoods


Here we share the best updates about art, culture, food, music, tourism and things that interest us personally or are relevant to our hotel in Graça, Lisbon.

For strange reasons our is not listed in Rachel Jacob’s list of interesting neighborhoods. Todau Graca is considered the most interesting and up-coming parts of Lisbon.


Ultimate Survival Guide for Conferences | Web Summit 2017 — Lisbon, Portugal


Rachel Jacobs

It’s easy to see why Web Summit chose Lisbon as it’s new home. Built across 7 hills, Lisbon is famous for its stunning architecture, delicious food, fado music, coastal views and chilled out vibe.

You can get lost for hours, wandering through the picture-perfect streets. With something to suit every budget, Lisbon truly is a hidden treasure!

Whether you attended last year, or this is your first time in Lisbon, this ultimate survival guide has something for everyone. Many of you will be travelling far and wide, and for those who attend conferences regularly, it’s easy to go from your hotel to the conference, without taking time to enjoy your surroundings.

This guide will make sure you get the most out of your visit.

Read Rachel Jacob’s survival guide including very useful links on Medium


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