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New at Tings – Yoga with Abdul Jussub

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Maria Joao – the head of kitchen at Tings – loves yoga, and suggested that her teacher, Abdul Jussub, do classes at Tings.

Last Friday we had the first class – and the upper terrace in the garden, under the lemon tree turned out to be the perfect place to for yoga.

If you don’t know what yoga is, read what Abdul Jussub says about it:

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What is yoga?

Abdul Yoga

Abdul Yussub

The word yoga is connoted with many meanings. For some people it is an exotic way to move the body, for other is a way to do self-therapy, there are those who use it as a lifestyle, or an approach to something mystical.

Who is right? All. From the grammatical point of view, the word yoga, derives from the Sanskrit “yuj”, which means union.

According to Patanjali, in his work Yoga Sutras chapter 1, aphorism 2 “Yoga is the cessation of the constructions of the mind”.

If you want to call your mind, try yoga.

If you want to train your mind, try yoga.

Yoga SanskritIf you want to transform your mind, try yoga.

Abdul Jussub

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