A guide to the best specialty Coffee cafes in Lisbon

Lisbon travel and café guide – coffee, sleep, repeat

imageedit_31_6110547106.pngTen years ago I visited Lisbon for the very first time.

Back then, there was no sign of specialty coffee shops or concept stores, but the same vintage trams were roaming the evermore picturesque alleys of the old town.

In recent years though, Lisbon has become a hub for creatives and young entrepreneurs from all over Europe. This has also manifested itself in the increasing number of coffee professionals that have introduced an approach to roasting and brewing coffee that is a lot different from the traditional ways.

Read The Way To Coffee’s guide to specialty coffee in Lisbon published Friday


I LOVE coffee – and I drink several huge mugs every day

Unfortunately the specialty coffee scene hasn’t hit me yet.

I know it’s a sacred crime – but I neither have the patience to wait for the process – nor the money to pay for it. I simply drink too much coffee. I am addicted to Nescafe Classic – my travel companion for more than 30 years. But most important – I love the taste and fragrance.

CCL in Alfarma.jpg

Jacob & Christine from Copenhagen Coffee Lab in the cafe in Alfama that will open in 2018.

Still I understand and respect people who have a passionate love for coffee. Like most of my friends (among them coffee pioneers and barista champions).

So waking up to the Lisbon coffee feature on the The Way To Coffee blog is an excellent opportunity to share their Coffee-Cafe-Lisbon-Guide to all our coffee loving and  travelling friends.

And finding Copenhagen Coffee Lab as the first highlighted spot is an excellent opportunity to share the news about our friends’ at Copenhagen Coffee Lab’s new Lisbon ventures – two new Coffee Labs only 5 minutes from Tings Lisbon: One in the most fantastic cave-like basement in Alfarma and one on the best and most sunny and lively corners in Lisbon at Feira da Ladra (Flea Market). This spot that is doomed to be my Saturday Morning Chill-in-the-sun-Corner.

Have a fantastic Coffee Sunday


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