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New in Lisbon? Our hotel will of course guide you to the best art & culture events in Lisbon.

Agenda Culturel Lizboa December 2017Agenda Cultura Lisboa publish a very useful monthly magazine with enough parties, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, theater performances etc. to satisfy even the most hard-core art & culture travelers.

Your find the magazine in the best bars, restaurants and cafes in our hotel when it opens. Along with selected flyers, postcards and flyers. That’s the way most events are marketed here in Lisbon.

As all us art loving travelers know – we need the information before  we arrive. We want to research, listen to the band, check the artists back ground, buy tickets etc.

Sometimes it’s so annoying sitting with a cup of coffee in the nearest bar reading about something you really want to check out only to find out that you’re too late, the event is sold out or that you have already made other appointments.

But don’t worry – The Agenda Cultura Lisboa exists as a very good and readable e-zine version.

Our picks for December

This has been a bit complicated. We are not X-Mas people and since we don’t have kids we don’t go to all the Santa Clause ‘things’. And we definitely don’t like the commercial circus that surrounds the city in December. 

What we DO enjoy is the food, lights and friends – try shopping pastries at Versailles Avenida de Republica in Saldanha 🙂

So please have this in mind when you check  our picks for December. 


agenda-cultural-lisboa-logoYou may not be aware of this – but Lisbon is one of the cities in Europe with most cultural events. Everyday we have movies, exhibitions, concerts, walks and lot of other interesting  offers to choose between – And a lot of them are free.

There are many ways of get information – we follow updates from a lot of different events, we get info from posters on the walls from flyers in cafes and restaurants and from the monthly free magazine Agenda Cultural Lisboa.


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