Our guests say our garden is one of the best places to relax.

We have a beautiful garden. Not many hotels in Lisbon have that.


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We have so many common spaces where our guests can relax and/or work

Dear Thomas,

Here are some of my snapshots –

I would like to take more pictures next time I visit you…  I can not help taking pictures of your garden…

You can of course use the images as you want, just add a photo name, so I’m happy.

big hug Stine


We have started up several business in our life (the latest here in Lisbon). We have traveled in Portugal for almost 25 years and lived here the last 4. We have seen more than 150 houses in our house hunting for our hotel. And we don’t have any commercial interests in the ‘relocation’ industry.

In other words – we have a lot of relevant information, experiences and contacts that others find useful – and we don’t mind sharing.

So we spend a lot of time meeting people who are thinking about moving to Lisbon – either to live or to start-up a business. A lot of them are introduced to us by friends and/or guests who have stayed with us before either at Tings Kathmandu or at Tings here in Lisbon or both places.

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Funny to see the garden rooms through other’s eyes (or lenses)


The bonus for us are a lot of new friends – and valuable feedback regarding Tings Lisbon.

Like the other day where Janne came by to hear about our Lisbon experiences: What an amazing place she burst out while Annette showed her around. And look at this garden!…

Why don’t you show people your beautiful place on your website she asked us…

????!! her question surprised us. We have a lot of photos on the website.

After checking out the website we realized that all our photos are several months old. And all of them mobile shots taken by ourselves.

We have used this occasion to reach out to our friends who have visited us for help.

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The Creons Wall was a spontaneous idea – now it has become a small street-art tourist sight

Lovely Stine is the first who mailed us her photo impressions from her visit a month ago. And she has promised us to shoot more – we like that, the we get a chance to meet again.

Love from Graca


PS:Check out our rooms and prices here
All photos by Stine Trier Norden

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