We miss Mira who just checked out

We like the low season – it gives us a chance to feel our guests

Mira comes from Montana, USMira was sitting at Annette’s big common table in the lounge one afternoon. Just reading and drinking tea – or was it hot ginger? She had passed by Tings on her way to the Mirador.

The next day she was there again – she had left her hostel and booked a room at Tings for one night – in our Triangular Room.

The following morning she extended her stay with one night. And then one more night – which gave us a problem.

Due to our never-ending construction project we were forced to close her floor and had to move her. To compensate for the inconvenience we upgraded her to White Balcony something she was doubtful about at the beginning (like ourselves she loves our cozy Triangular Rooms) but ended up loving as much as her first room.

Mira was not on ‘holiday’ – she needed a place to work or focus. Or maybe just relax and get inspired. She ended up staying with us for many days…

When she finished up her hot garlic, ginger & lemon we made for her she jumped in the taxi to the airport to catch her flight to Berlin.

When we cleaned her table we found this nice and warm note.

We Like 🙂

Mira's Message

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