X-Mas has hid us! The Pixies have arrived.

We have tried it all – our Pixies without borders worked 🙂

We have tried it all – candles, Mulled Wine, fire in the fireplace, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies…
But it was only when our Pixies Without Borders arrived that we finally felt it. Christmas! 

Or maybe it was something else we felt – but the feeling was good.

Pia’s pixies represent something that is very close to what we love and stand for: crossing borders and cultures – mutual respect for people’s beliefs and ways of living and curiosity instead of fear…  topics that are difficult to bring up today.

But when you see her American I-Phone Pixie, The Swedish Pipi Pixie, The Tibetan Monk Pixie, The Danish ‘Roligan’ Pixie, The African Rasta Pixie you can’t help smiling… not only with your mouth. Your heart and mind smiles… 🙂

How can you not love these pixies – our favorite is the American Pixie with iPhone. Which one is yours?

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The Pixies somehow close our circles.

It is our dear friend Pia who is behind the fantastic concept that not only serves a good purpose for the Tibetan refugees in Nepal who have been a part of our lives for many years.
No matter how pleasant it is here at Tings Lisbon, we can’t help feeling a bit homesick when we see the Pia with her Tibetan women in her workshop in Boudha that we know so well.


ct-logo-transp-lavPixies without Borders are a motley international gathering of pixies in Danish design by Pia Kryger Lakha.

The pixies are handmade by Tibetan refugee women for a fair wage and under good working conditions at Care Trade’s workshop in Nepal.

You can read more and buy the pixies on CareTrade

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