Our favorite Urban Asian Chef takes over our lounge :-)

We already know that 2018 will fantastic Welcome to Cozinha Urbana


Our New Year Cake


Our only focus last year (and 2016) was Creating and establishing Tings Lisbon. 

Not only did we manage to open the door to 16 brand new and individually designed rooms AND create our beautiful garden. We managed to get our basic hotel routines up and running to all guests satisfaction – and we managed to add the ambiance we want though through our Tings Art events. (Two exhibitions, one music/talk and one food event in only 3 months!!!)

Our efforts are paying off.

Super reviews and spontaneous & grateful greetings from all guests, friends and visitors tell us that people like our small set up. And more important – we get a lot of bookings.


We kick off 2018 with same energy.

The first proof is a project that is very close to our hearts and one we have spent a lot of time on the last weeks of 2017. Our restaurant!

‘Our’ is not the right word – the ‘venue/space’ is ours BUT the food-energy-space–love-vibe comes from Sara whom we met two years ago when she opened her fantastic, relaxed and cozy food joint only 4 minutes from Tings Lisbon.

Why don’t you take over our restaurant we asked Sara during our lunch there a month ago

Sara is Portuguese but grew up in Macau/China which explains her style, attitude and energy and her Urban Asian fusion menu. Exactly what we want at Tings.

She said YES!!!


Yesterday Cozinha Urbana moved in with us 🙂

And for lunch today we will have our favorite dishes:  Pad Thai (Thomas) and a Tonkatsu Burger (Annette).

We are not the best hotel in Lisbon. But we’re pretty sure that we – with 10 meter to the best mirador in Lisbon – our location is. And now we also have Lisbon’s best and most authentic Urban Restaurant in the house.

2018 is already smiling at us 🙂

Happy New Year

Annette & Thomas


cropped-logo-transparant1Check out Urbana Cozinha’s menu (and all Sara’s fantastic reviews) on the new website Thomas created while she and Daphne have been working on their new menu that will be published on 1 February. The first output from our new collaboration.

All will ready for when the rain stops and the sun hits our garden on Lisbon’s highest hill. The best locations for lunch, dinner or a cold drink.


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