Lisbon tops list of cheapest places to live.

10 cheapest places to live abroad in 2018

Financial-Express-logoEver wanted to live to the fullest but were restricted due to the cost? Do you wish to live without having to worry about the high cost of every day necessities?

Well, Panama-based Live and Invest Overseas company has just released a list of the 10 cheapest cities to live in the world where you can move to in 2018.

The company advise people on how to make the most use of your money. So, check them out here:

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Lisbon top the list as #1

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#1 Lisbon, Portugal: According to the report, Lisbon’s cost of living is the lowest in Western Europe. This is due to the “enviable tax situation”. If you are on a budget then you need to spend just $1,300 a month, which included rent, food and more.



Where to Live in Lisbon

Live and Invest Overseas highlights Graça and Alfarma as the capital’s oldest and most typical neighborhoods.

As they write:

Famous for their narrow streets, and filled with restaurants,  these neighborhoods are the stylistic heart and the soul of the city.

We can’t agree more.

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