Welcome to our hood: Micro Padaria

Now we have quality bread in Graça 🙂

So many new things have happened in our hood the last month.

Last week – on one of our daily walks down Rua Angelina Vidal from Sapadores down towards Almitante Reis a familiar and pleasant smell hid our noses: Home Baked Bread.

When we looked up we saw a new sign: Micro Padaria produção artesanal it said.

We didn’t have time to check it out but decided to do so asap.


The two bread we bought were very good

Micro Padaria, contact details

3 days ago I went back and had a chat with Claudia who runs the small and cozy craft bakery.

I bought 2 breads: One with Rye and one with Sesame.

Opposite 99 % of all breads from the pastellarias and Supermarkets in town Claudia’s breads keep the quality.

The two breads I bought kept both taste and texture until the last slice 3 days after I bought them. Fresh for two days and toasted as I did this morning. 

What a pleasant surprise. We will be back!

Good luck to Claudia 🙂


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