VHILS Street in our hood & VHILS Art at Gallery Vera Cortês

If you want more street and less art.

Do you know Largo das Olarias?

If not, don’t worry.  You will!

This little gem of a square only 5 minutes walk down the hill from Tings Lisbon is slowly getting closer to its ‘cozyness potential’ we knew it has when we fell in love with the place 4 years ago.

Largo das Olarias is getting renovated like the rest of Lisbon. But somehow it manages to stay ‘forgotten’ with a calm ambiance that is far from the rest of Mouraria.

That will probably change when Jadim dos Lagares gets the permission to finish the super 1.000 square meter roof top garden that belongs to the beautifully renovated condominium at the end of the Largo.

When the garden is finished its trees and plants will tower above the new frieze VHILS created a few weeks ago (NB We are NOT sponsored by the project!!!).


Big Brothers watching you. VHILS friese as seen from the new Belgian Bar on the corner – don’t be surprised to find me tilting the pinball table…/Thomas


Intrínseco – new solo exhibition by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils</h2>

On 1 February VHILS opens his first solo exhibition in Lisbon in many years –  Intrínseco at Vera Cortês Gallery.


Intrínseco is a reflection in the form of an installation that takes up the space of the gallery with a set of pieces produced in flexible and transparent PVC sheets suspended from the ceiling, which configure an interactive representation that enables the viewer to wander among the various scenographic components that constitute it.

Each one of these pieces features a visual composition printed with
various motifs – including faces, graphic and geometric patterns, urban landscapes,
or signage elements –, isolated or in dissonant agglutination.

From Gallery Vera Corte’s press release


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