Americans are flocking to Portugal

And they are coming to Lisbon

The buzz surrounding Portugal’s status as a hot tourism destination is owed to the appeal of Lisbon. A total of 522,653 American travelers visited Portugal significantly higher compared with previous years.

And 2018 will be even better.

Praia Bella Vista is one of the best beaches around Lisbon only 30 minutes by car from Tings Lisbon

Where do you find beaches like this? No wonder that people ar flocking to Portugal when you find Beaches like this just outside Lisbon.

Things Are Looking Bright for Portugal

Get Dot Com logoWhile Portugal has always attracted a healthy amount of tourism, it has suffered somewhat from being overshadowed by other European holiday destinations.

It seems that those days may be long gone. Revenues generated from tourism in the country are reaching all-time highs. In addition, Portugal’s unemployment level is currently at a nine-year low.

The bump in tourism activity comes at a time when other sectors of Portugal’s economy had been suffering slowdowns for many years.

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