Don’t get Rain-Panic. Here are 5 super things to do!

What to do in Lisbon on Rainy Days

I have to admit it – most destinations are best when it doesn’t rain. Fortunately Lisbon is the city in Europe with most sunny days and lowest rainfall, So sunny, blue and warm days are the most common. days are the most common.

But on rare occasions travelers find themselves caught in all day rain – and on very rare occasions several days in a row. Like these days where – all others than people living in Portugal (the country desperately needs the rain) will find the weather forecast for the next days depressing.

Weather Forecast Lisbon 2 March WEEK Trabsparant.png

So what do you do in a City where one of the best thing to do is walking up and down the hills, looking at beautiful houses and buildings, sipping coffee and wine at one of Lisbon many Quiosques or just chilling in the sun by the Tejo river.

In principles just go through all Lisbon Guides and and pick the museums, palaces, churches, galleries and all other indoor options you prefer, combine them with serious eating and pimp the progrogram up with power-shopping in-between.

But why not take advantage of the situation and spend the time you ‘win’ because of the limited outdoor possibilities and check out the more exotic possibilities Lisbon offers, and dwell longer time with things you like instead of stressing around to check out all the must see Tourist sights (a lot of them you don’t understand why once you are there LOL).

We have asked a few friends about what that would recommend friends with a weather forecast like we have right now.

Here are a our 5 picks

No reasons to get up. Stay below and check out  Picoas' beautiful Tiles

The Picoas station is one of the original eleven metro stations.


Stay Under Ground – explore Lisbon’s Metro Art

Wheretwogoto logo

Click to see EhereTwoGoTo’s guide to Lisbon’s metro art, Now you’ve seen it above – so stay below and enjoy the art

99% of all metro travellers stress from Line to Line to get the first train to their final final destination as fast as possible.

They never get a chance (or take the time) to check out the amazing art you find on almost all stations.

If you are in town the next days – remember one thing: Its Raining 

So why not take advantage of the situation and skip a train or two and enjoy the beautiful walls.

Or even better, check out WhereTwoGoTo’s guide to Lisbon’s Metro Art Scene and cruise from station to station.

And since your are there – keep your ears open and enjoy the metros soundtrack. It has its own sound, usually chill out music, as a way of saying: Relax, it will arrive! If you’re downtown either in Rossio or Baixa Chiado stations, listen carefully.

Get through and stay dry on rainy days with art in surprisingly settings.


Indoor Padle

In Tine Sports

click for infos about prices bookings etc.

Lisbon is a walking town. So prepare yourself for a lot of exercise.

One of the problem on rainy days is that walking is limited – and so are the exercise. And due to the weather you probably eat more tha usual.

So if you need to move and burn calories why not enjoy a few hours of Indoor Paddling?

The ITSports Arena Padle Club fully covered indoor paddle tennis courts are available for reservation from Monday to Sunday between 8 am and 10 pm.

If you go why not combine it with a little extra comfort. The Club is equipped with 2 independent spas, with privacy and comfort.


Casa Do Alentejo – The Palace

Casa Do Alantejo

Click to get to Casa Do Alentejo’s website.

Casa Do Alentejo is a true gem hidden away on one of the pedestrian parallels behind Liberdade.

Must travellers just pass by this anonymous Palace on the way to a popular tourist sight.

But remember – its raining – so you have the time to check it out.

The Palace is a difficult to explain. Today its purpose is to promote Alentejo – the region’s culture, food, traditions etc. It’s probably from the late seventeenth century – but the house you see today has undergone profound changes in the early twentieth century.

It belonged to an aristocratic family – the Paes Amaral (Viscounts of Alverca) hence the name Paes do Amaral Palace or Palace Alverca.

In the early twentieth century the Palace was lease to a company that transformed a part of the hours to Lisbon’s first casino  Lisbon..

The Palace has a very spacious and beautiful Restaurant – but don’t waste your good appetite there.

Instead chill around and enjoy the fantastic settings: the walls, panels, furniture, balconyíes, lamps…  One of our favorite spots.

Casa do Alentejo


Spoil yourself with an all day rain wellness treat

Lisbon is fantastic because of its riverside and beaches. But on rainy days like today and the following days  forget about it!

So for sun slickers who need to relaxe on the back and stress off completely here are a few In-Case-Of-Panick suggestions.

For all day rain use them all!

Four Seasons Ritz Lisbon

Click for treatments, prizes and bookings

Four Seasons Ritz: At their Spa delicate aromas and harmonious music permeate the atmosphere, seducing the senses and encouraging mind, body and soul to relax.

With windows overlooking the garden and park, an indoor lap pool, multi-purpose treatment rooms, a relaxation room and selection of Swiss Perfection, ESPA and Sodashi treatments.

Pantana Palace

Click for treatments, prizes and bookings

Pestana Palace: Enjoy the sauna, the Turkish bath and the Jacuzzi to eliminate toxins and reset your body at Pestana Palace’s Magic Spa in a restored 19th century palace in the middle of Lisbon. , voted as the Best Luxury Spa 2014 and Best Luxury Business Hotel Spa by the World Luxury Spa Awards 2017

Take advantage of Magic Spa’s signature massage and treatments to relax or enhance your skin. Magic Potion products act in fact as a magic potion on your body and face, making you always lighter, more relaxed and happier.

244 avenida transparant

Click for treatments, prizes and bookings

244Avenida: Urban Hair Stylists and treats:

Hair spa, relax moments, came to find life in the philosophy of 244Avenida.

On Avenida da Liberdade, in walking distance from The Ritz on the 2nd floor

Pee Wee is our personal hair dresser.

Again remember the rain – so why not take the 2 hr treat 🙂

If you’re only allowed to see one art museum

MNAA Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Click for MNAA’s High Lights

PPortugal’s “national gallery” is the Ancient Art Museum, opened in 1884 in a 17th-century palace.

For the last time – Don’t stress. Its raining

Instead immerse yourself in MNAA’s most significant works: Hieronymus Bosch’s Temptation of Saint Anthony, Albrecht Dürer’s Saint Jerome and the highlight Nuno Gonçalves 15th century masterpiece: Panels of St. Vincent.

Maybe the best Art Destination in Lisbon

Bosch Trabsparant

Deep Purple introduced me to Hieronymus Bosch’s. Here is his master piece Temptation of Saint Anthony


Enjoy the rain,



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