Need inspiration to Portugese hotels? Get it from Brunei :-)

Borneo Bulletin about our favorite places to stay 🙂

On our first visit to Portugal 25 years ago we rented a car and cruised around the country. We didn’t really have a plan – and except for one or two hotels we hadn’t booked any before our arrival. One of our favorite ways to explore a country is hunting hotels – so we had lots of opportunities to stop and stay the places we found the most romantic.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up a few hours ago to a media up-date from Brunei on the other side of the world with a feature about a pousada under construction in a 17th century old monastery in Elva only 2 hours drive from Lisbon towards the Spanish border.

Our first Portuguese favorite hotels were pousadas converted palaces, castles, convents and monasteries.

So thanks a lot to Borneo Bulletin for bringing back a lot of fantastic memories

Isn’t the world fantastic 🙂


Marvao by night

We have traveled in Portugal for almost 25 years – and we still enjoy searching for romantic places to stay. In October 2017 we stopped over in Marvao. One more of the many fantastic and romantic spots Portugal offers. And only 1:30 minutes drive from Lisbon.. We stayed inside the castle – but there is a beautiful pousada close by.


Portugal leases empty monasteries to boost tourism

Borneo Bulletin LOGOELVAS, Portugal – The star-shaped walls of the hilltop town of Elvas dominate the plains of Portugal’s southern Alentejo region near the border with Spain.

But despite being declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012, Elvas receives few visitors aside from the occasional Spanish day-tripper.

To try to change this, Portugal’s second largest hotel group, Vila Gale, is spending around five million euros (US$6 million) to convert a former convent into a luxury hotel.

Read the very inspirational story in Borneo Bulletin

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