4 of The Guardian’s 10 Lisbon tips is in our hood

More and more media discover what we already know: Graça is fantastic

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Graca on the cover of Time Out

This time it’s The Guardian.

Miradouro da Graça is my favourite says Dejan Tiago-Stanković in his Local guide to Lisbon that was published in The Guardian. Just one of many praises of our neighborhood that more and more media picks up.

With only 15 minutes walk to Commercio, 8 minutes walk to Casa Independente and 7 minutes walk to Feira da Ladra (The Flea Market) – 3 of his top 10 tips – and 5 minutes to Alfama and Castello, Graça is more than ‘just’ a fantastic view point. It is also a fantastic place to stay.

8e Coline - Graca

Our local 8e Colina is the only crafted brewery in Lisbon with it’s own Quiosque.

Our own personal favorit viewpoints – Senhora do Monte (Tings Lisbon) and Monte Agudo – also highlighted in The Guardian – are here. Some of the most interesting restaurants and cultural places in town right now are here – like the tips Agenda Cultural Lisboa featured it’s escape tourism in Anjos/Graça April issue.

But most important: Even though traveler’s slowly are discovering Graça, we have something that more and more neighborhods are missing:

We have local shops, local people and local life!

We even has our own local beer with ist own Crafted Beer Quiosque right in heart if Graca…

Try to find other parts of Lisbon that have the same.

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A local’s guide to Lisbon: 10 top tips

The Guardian LogoLisbon’s climate means that, with a bit of luck, we can be outdoors all year round. The city’s miradouros, or viewpoints, are perfect spots to hang out.

Miradouro da Graça is my favourite. On a terrace high above Lisbon’s patchwork of tiled roofs, in the shadow of pine trees, you can enjoy the breeze while sipping a coffee or cold beer. Downtown, the medieval castle, the red suspension bridge, the river, and the statue of Christ, arms wide open overlooking the estuary, all fit into a single fascinating picture, and it’s especially photogenic at sunset.

The city on seven hills also offers many other panoramic views. Santa Catarina, Senhora do Monte, Monte Agudo … Any place called a miradouro is an excellent place to chill. And pay attention to the sky: here it is two tones closer to indigo than the regular sky blue. You will be surprised by the whiteness of clouds against that blue.

Read Dejan Tiago-Stanković’s A local’s guide to Lisbon: 10 top tips in the Guardian on 26 March 2018

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