Planning a beach holiday in Lisbon?

The summer is getting closer. So are Lisbon’s sunny and sandy beaches.

Judging by the activities on the internet around this time of the year we are not the only ones who feel that way.  The number of beach updates we’ve receive from media, travel communities and other online networks are 100 folds bigger than the last many months.

Two years ago a traveller tweeted about a day trip to Beach #19.


Beach 19???!!!

We had never heard about neither Beach 19 nor who were the organizers of the direct tours from Lisbon. But after seeing these amazing photos and after seeing how close to Lisbon the beach is we checked them out.


Take the bus to Costa da Caparica and jump on the beach train that takes you to all the beaches along the coast. Runs in the high-season from 9:30 to 19:30

Since then Beach 19 and the neighbours 16, 17 and 18 it has been one of our 3 preferred Lisbon Beach destinations.

The names refer to the number of the platform where the beach train that runs along the long sandy stretch known as Costa da Caparica stops.

Platforms 16 – 19 are the most remote ones – in a secluded nature reserve with unspoiled nature and huge sand dunes that provides shelter from the sea breeze and thus makes it possible to sunbathe all year. Exactly like our beaches we love so much in Tisvilde north of Copenhagen. And funnily enough – like our Tisvilde Beach – the beaches 16 – 19 are the officially LGBT and nude beaches

Don’t let the nudity frighten you! You can opt between being naked or keeping your swim-suit. The bonus is an ambiance close to the relaxed international ambiance we love so much in Asia – with casual and unpretentious beach bars with super DJ’s

Our other favorite beaches

Cova do Vapor: In the tourist season the stretch of beaches from Lisbon to Cascais are too crowded. Instead we cross the river to this hidden gem.

A perfect way to combine a beach trip with a river cruise with stunning views of Lisbon and the 25 de Abril Bridge

Bonus: The 30 minutes walk from the beach to the boat takes you through the colorful shanty town.

Cope do Vapor from the plane

Combine a day at the beach with a river cruise 🙂 Even on the highest season Cova Do Vapor is ’empty’. There are no parking – and the Portuguese rarely leave without their car 🙂

Day Trip

Comporta: Go to Setubal and take the boat to Troja. Leave this horrible place and you find 40 kilometers of the best beach in the world. Not people – only dolphins.


The 45 km long Comporta Beach is one of our personal top 5 beaches in the world. NO PEOPLE _ ONLY DOLPHINS:

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