BBC 4: Lisbon Street Art #1

BBC FOUR’s An Art Lover’s Guide series – 3 episodes about Lisbon Art

BBC FOUR TRANSPARANTStreet artists are giving old buildings in Lisbon an incredible makeover.

BBC Four’s Alastair Sooke takes you through Lisbon’s new, old but already iconic Street Art monuments in An Art Lover’s Guide 

BBC Four


Graça has the most impressing collection of street art

Considering its size – the street art selection in Graça is impressing.

The 3 first walls in this trailer are all less than 3 minutes walk from the hotel. Among them the most popular wall in Lisbon right now: Obey’s carnation revolutionary girl. 

This already iconic wall is the first that draws your attention when you arrive in Graça from Alfama.


Here you can see it from different points of view as we walk by Graça’s streets


Our own favorite wall is the VILS / Obey collaboration only a few minutes walk from the Carnation Girl – wonder why BBC didn’t find this one?




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